Pre-Algebra Grading Policy


Tests 60% Quizzes 40%


three-ring binder- Maybe shared with other classes, but separate binder is recommended
loose-leaf paper
pencils with/and erasers

Students will use calculators regularly during most of the year’s classroom activities. We use the Texas Instruments series. Students are not required to bring their own calculator to school. However, they will need access to a calculator at home to complete homework assignments. In case the student does not have access to a calculator at home, he/she may sign one out from the teacher; however, calculators are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Tests may be corrected to earn extra points. Test corrections must be handed in the day tests are returned during your lunch period. No test corrections will be excepted once lunch has ended. Remember, test corrections are a privilege and can therefore be taken away at anytime. In order to receive credit for the corrected problem, the student must follow the test correction format form. Students will receive half of the original points. Quizzes can not be corrected to earn extra credit.

Homework assignments will be checked for completeness daily .Late homework (found after class, lunch, or any time other than when checked) will not be accepted. Periodically, homework assignments will be graded as a quiz. You may also be given a homework quiz during class to ensure concepts have been grasped.

Wiki Page

The purpose of the "wiki" is to further educational goals and objectives for the students. The "open forum community" provides students with resources and opportunities for collaboration, enhancing their educational experience. Students will be required to complete assignments and collaborate with classmates. These assignments will be graded as either a test or quiz, depending on the level of difficulty and time alloted.



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