Algebra Grading Policy


Tests60% Quizzes 30% Trimester Benchmar: 10%


three-ring binder- Maybe shared with other classes, but separate binder is recommended
loose-leaf paper
pencils with/and erasers

Students will use calculators regularly during most of the year’s classroom activities. We use the Texas Instruments series. Students are not required to bring their own calculator to school. However, they will need access to a calculator at home to complete homework assignments. In case the student does not have access to a calculator at home, he/she may sign one out from the teacher; however, calculators are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Each month, one student will be selected as the Mathlete of the Month. This honor is given to the student that exhibits the strongest work habits. It is not a competition for the highest average. Students are selected purely based on their desire to work hard!

Homework assignments will be checked for completeness daily .Late homework (found after class, lunch, or any time other than when checked) will not be accepted. Periodically, homework assignments will be graded as a quiz. You may also be given a homework quiz during class to ensure concepts have been grasped. Although homework is no longer calculated in the student average, completion of homework will be key to student success. A rubric is provided on the assignments page. This rubric will be used to determine the amount of homework being completed daily. At the end of the trimester, students will be given a grading scale of 1-4 on homework completion.

Problem of the Week

Each week, you will be given a Problem of the Week (P.O.W.) usually on Friday, which will help prepare you for the content you will see on the NJASK and eventually, PARCC. The PARCC will take the place of the NJASK but the material covered on the assessments will be similar. However, how a student is expected to approach and solve a problem will be different. You will be required to write multiple responses to problems now based on the Common Core Standards. The focus will no longer be just your ability to solve a problem, but your ability to display your knowledge of the content verbally. You will be graded on each problem of the week according to a rubric which will be provided and discussed before receiving your first problem. The grading scale of the Problem of the Week will also be discussed at that time. Remember, although you receive a grade on these problems, the focus will be on improving your response writing skills so putting forward your best effort each time will be extremely important.


Each table will work together and compete against the other tables in challenges for points. The challenges will cover a variety of topics and will again, focus on material assessed during the PARCC. You will work together to solve challenging problems or labs.

Long Term Assessment

In addition to classroom tests and quizzes, you will be assigned ONE large assignment each Trimester. These assignments will require you to demonstrate your knowledge in several key mathematical concepts. It will be important for you to work on these assignments througout the course of the Trimester. Procrastination in working on these assignments will most likely result in a poor grade. A class calendar has been provided for you on this website to help you keep track of upcoming tests, quizzes, homework or long term assignments. Check the website calendar daily to ensure that you are completing all necessary assignments and preparing for tests and quizzes! All assignments are posted under the Alternative Assessment tab. In the event that you misplace an assignmnet requirement, you can always open the link and print out a new copy. Remember, this website has been designed for you so use it!!



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