Pre-Algebra Course Description


This course provides the foundation in algebra, geometry, and problem solving that is needed for success in more advanced courses. Students will build study and notetaking strategies to help develop their learning skills. Three major areas of developmental learning will be focused. They are:

Reinforce Students' Problem-Solving Skills:
Challenging problem-solving practice, in context, and clear presentation of key concepts prepare students for algebra courses.

Develop Active Learners:
Notetaking strategies, vocabulary review, and margin notes guide students to develop study skills and conceptual understanding.

Promote Achievement and Success:
Practice with test-taking strategies and varied question formats, in print and integrated technology resources, builds the confidence and problem-solving skills needed to achieve success.

Topics of Study Include:

Variables, Expressions, and Integers
Solving Equations
Multi-step Equations and Inequalities
Factors, Fractions, and Exponents
Rational Numbers and Equations
Ratio, Proportion, and Probability
Linear Functions
Real Numbers and Right Triangles
Measurement, Area, and Volume
Data Analysis and Probability
Polynomials and Nonlinear Functions
Angle Relationships and Transformations

Along with the resources provided for you on this website, you will be responsible to log onto the wikispace created for your class and participate in the online discussions and assignment. The links to each particular class can be find below. Remember to log in using hmss- followed by your school id. The password is the same issued by the school.

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  • Additional practice resources and information regarding the textbook can be found at classzone.

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