7th Grade Math Tests Section

Many tests/quiz will now be taken online, using the Big Ideas Software program. These tests/quizes will be taken during the regulary scheduled class period. Accommadations will be made for individuals who require special attention. Each student will be given a username and password to access the test/quiz. This will also serve as great practice for the new standardized tests which will now be given strictly by computer. In additon to online tests/quizess, practice tests/quizzes will be available for you as a study guide. Answers will be provided for you so you may check your work. You are strongly encouraged to seek extra help for any problems that are particular difficult. These will be made available to you as we approach the conclusion of each chapter.

Practice Test:

Order of Operations

  • Pre-Course Test
  • Chapter 1 Practice Test
  • Chapter 2 Practice Test
  • Problem of the Week # 1
  • Problem of the Week Rubric
  • Solving Equations Study Guide
  • Mid Chapter 4 Quiz Study Guide
  • 4.3 Review
  • 4.4 Review
  • Chapter 4 Practice Test
  • Section 5.1 Study Guide
  • Section 5.3 Study Guide
  • Simple Interest Study Guide
  • Chapter 8 Review
  • Chapter 8 Study Guide
  • Chapets 1-7 Take Home Test
  • Evaulating Variable Expressions
  • Graphing: 3/16 Homework
  • Class Calendar