7th Grade Math Course Description

The content of 7th grade math is organized around families of functions, with special emphasis on linear and quadratic functions. Student textbooks will be available to you during the course of the year in two ways. A hardcopy book, Big Ideas Math, will be given to you as well as an online version. Additional resources will be available online. To access this textbook, simply click on the link added at the bottom of this webpage. As you study each family of functions, you will learn to represent them in multiple ways.

The comprehensive content and varied real-life applications covered give students a strong mathematical foundation. The introduction to Geometric concepts gives students the opportunity to study theory and application of formal and informal reasoning as well as the synthetic, coordinate, and transformational approaches. Real-world applications and suggestions for appropriate use of technology are integrated throughout the series.In addition to its algebra content, 7th math includes lessons on probability and data analysis as well as numerous examples and exercises involving geometry. These math topics often appear on standardized tests, so maintaining your familiarity with them is important.

Topics of Study Include:


Rational Numbers

Expressions and Equations


Ratios and Proportions


Constructions and Scale Drawings

Circles and Area

Surface Area and Volume

Probability and Statistics

Rational Equations and Functions

Radicals and Connections to Geometry

Additional practice resources and information regarding the textbook can be found at classzone.

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